the band from utopia

a tribute to the music of frank zappa
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2001 dvd ger tdk dv-jtbfu

recorded live at the "jazz open" in stuttgart, germany, 1994/07

tommy mars: keyboards, vocals
robert martin: keyboards, vocals, saxophone
ike willis: guitar, vocals
arthur barrow: bass, guitar
tom fowler: bass, violin
bruce fowler: trombone, vocals
kurt mcgettrick: baritone sax, contrabass clarinet
ed mann: vibes, percussion
chad wackerman: drums
jay dittamo: drums

  1. bamboozled by love
  2. lucille
  3. bebop tango
  4. easy meat
  5. uncle meat
  6. sofa
  7. andy
  8. outside now
  9. the illinois enema bandit