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  1974 brown, toni- good for you too (saxophone)   
  1975 garthwaite, terry- terry (saxophone)   
  1976 labelle, patti- chameleon (sax (bass), horn arrangements)   
  1977 meters- new directions (clarinet, flute, sax (baritone), sax (bass))   
  1977 heartsfield- heartsfield collectors item (horn)    
  1977 carpenters- passage (saxophone)   
  1977 labelle, patti- patti labelle (brass)   
  1977 snow, phoebe- it looks like snow (horn)    
  1978 california dreaming- california dreaming (horn)    
  1978 king, b.b.- midnight believer (saxophone)   
  1979 mighty clouds of joy- changing times (horn)   
  1980 krause, bernie- citadels of mystery (flute, sax (soprano))   
  1982 parker, graham- another grey area (flute, saxophone, sax (baritone), wind)  
  leslie smith: heartache
    (1982, lp, usa, elektra) - feat. kurt mcgettrick
  1984 wilder, matthew- bouncin' off the walls (saxophone)    
  1984 lamb, annabel- flame (baritone sax)   
  1985 petty, tom- southern accents (horn)    
  1986 fishbone- in your face (baritone sax)    
  1987 archangel, nathalie- nathalie archangel   


frank zappa: broadway the hard way
   (1988, 2lp, usa, barking pumpkin)

  andre caporaso - "pathways" - blue room records, 1991 (bari sax, flute, alto flute, piccolo)    
55 frank zappa: the best band you never heard in your life
   (1991, 2cd, usa, barking pumpkin)

56 frank zappa: make a jazz noise here
   (1991, 2cd, usa, barking pumpkin)


frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.4
   (1991, 2cd, usa, ryko)  
  1991 mcintosh, ladd- bulbous garlic blues (baritone sax)   
59 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.6
   (1992, 2cd, usa, ryko)
  1992 league of their own- league of their own (baritone sax)   
  1992 king, b.b.- king of the blues (4cd box set)    

bruce fowler: entropy (3)
   (1993, cd, us, fossil records fbr 1005) - feat.steve, tom & walt fowler, a.wing, ch.thompson, k.mcgettrick

  1993 parker, graham- passion is no ordinary word: the gr (flute, saxophone)   
  1994 nesmith, michael- garden (clarinet (bass))    
  the band from utopia: a tribute to the music of frank zappa - live vol.1 & 2
    (1994, cd-pro, muffin records) - all compositions by frank zappa, feat. lots of zappa alumni

  1995 frank zappa- strictly commercial [lp vinyl only]   
  the band from utopia: the band from utopia (1)
    (1995, cd, usa, muffin records productions)  - all compositions by frank zappa,  feat. lots of zappa alumni

  arthur barrow: eyebrow razor (2)
(1995, cd, usa, muffin records productions mrp 024) - feat.walt, steve, tom & bruce fowler, kurt mcgettrick, ike willis, ray white

  1996 tin drum- real world (clarinet (bass), piccolo, sax (baritone), sax (tenor))    
  neil sadler: theory of forms
    (1999, cd, usa, bleeding arts ba 10012) - feat.m.keneally, walt, steve and bruce fowler and kurt mcgettrick

  andre caporaso - "avenue 5" - blue room records, 2000  (bari sax, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet flute, alto flute, piccolo)    
  steve spiegl big band - "enigma", 2000.  (tenor sax, flute, clarinet)    
  ladd mcintosh big band - "ride the night beast" - 2004 (bari sax, woodwinds)    

ladd mcintosh big band - "temptation" - 2004  (bari sax, woodwinds)  

  greatest science fiction hits, vol. (flute)  
  secret agent file- secret agent file (flute)    
  norman, neil- greatest science fiction hits, vol. (flute, glockenspiel)   
  norman, neil- greatest science fiction hits, vol. (reeds (multiple))  
  motion picture soundtrack, "i'll do anything".  (bari sax)  
  the band from utopia: a tribute to the music of frank zappa
    (2001, dvd, ger, ??) - all compositions by frank zappa

  the banned from utopia: so yuh don't like modern art  (2)
    (2002, cd, usa, favored nations) - various compositions by frank zappa; feat.various zappa alumni


frank zappa: trance-fusion
    (2006, cd, usa, zappa records)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraa birthday bundle
    (2006, itunes, -) - feat. frank, moon, dweezil, ahmet & diva zappa

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2008
    (2008, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet & diva zappa

aaafnraaa2008.jpg (24142 bytes)


the mar vista philharmonic: no forest fire
    (2009, cd, norway, zonic entertainment) - feat. t.mars, w.fowler, b.fowler, k.mcgettrick, a.barrow, v.colaiuta

marvista_noforestfire.jpg (24335 bytes)

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2010
    (2010, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet zappa

aaafnraaaa_2010.jpg (22223 bytes)

  john trubee and theugly janitors of america: a blind man's penis and other smash hits
    (2015, lp, usa, trubee records 6900838)

trubee_blindmansmashhits.jpg (46063 bytes)


frank zappa: frank zappa for president
    (2016, cd, usa, zappa records zr 20021)
fz_fzforpresident.jpg (31217 bytes)
  documentary: frank zappa - eat that question
    (2017, dvd, ger, arsenal filmverleih) - includes interviews with frank zappa, tommy mars, arthur barrow, bruce fowler, tom fowler, ed mann, kurt mcgettrick, chad wackerman and robert martin

fz_eatthatquestion_dvd_ger.jpg (36144 bytes)


(can be heard on radio free kansas- http://www.tafcommedia.net/music.htm- show 8a)

random notes

steve marsh
2007 05 13

I have sad news about a Zappa alumni: Kurt McGettrick (bari sax - '88 tour) died last Sunday night (5/7/07).  Cancer...

Kurt was a friend and a musical colleague of mine.  He was an enormously talented and accomplished musician and he will be greatly missed here in LA.

For updating your page about Kurt, http://www.united-mutations.com/m/kurt_mcgettrick.htm

I have some additional information about some CDs that Kurt played on. 

Kurt McGettrick played on the following CDs:

Kurt also played on the motion picture soundtrack, "I'll Do Anything".  (Bari Sax)

Here's a link to a sax web forum where people are paying tribute to Kurt McGettrick, the musician.



Steve Marsh



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