bruce fowler

entropy (3)
    - feat.steve, tom & walt fowler, albert wing, chester thompson, kurt mcgettrick

1993 cd usa fossil records fbr 1005


1993 studio recording

bruce fowler: trombone, vocals
walt fowler: trumpet, flugelhorn
phil teele: bass trombone
suzette moriarty: horn
steve fowler: alto sax, flute
albert wing: tenor sax
kurt mcgettrick: baritone sax, bass clarinet
billy childs: piano
kei akagi: piano
tom fowler: bass, violin
chester thompson: drums

produced by bruce fowler 

  1. ca–on de chelly   (b.fowler)

  2. flames   (b.fowler)

  3. love dreams   (b.fowler)

  4. the rat   (b.fowler)

  5. entropy   (b.fowler)

  6. seven steps to heaven   (m.davis, v.feldman)

  7. man's epitaph   (b.fowler)

  8. floatin'   (t.allen)

  9. a bash fit for a king
       a. lapd headquarters: winchell center
       b. call to arms
       c. the best little force in the world  (b.fowler)

  10. bullin'   (b.fowler)