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June 5, 2004, the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Big Band performed a Zappa tribute concert, featuring Ike Willis, Ernie Watts and Napoleon Murphy Brock.


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The Grand Wazoo: A Zappa Celebration

Featuring Ike Willis, Ernie Watts, and Napoleon Murphy Brock
 & The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Big Band

Conducted and arranged by Ed Palermo

Saturday, June 5 at the Flynn MainStage, 153 Main Street, Burlington, VT, usa

The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Big Band assembles again after an unforgettable presentation of Duke Ellington’s Sacred Works at last year’s Festival. This year the Big Band, made up of the cream of the Vermont jazz crop, will honor one of rock’s most accomplished composers, the legendary Frank Zappa. The celebration will include some heroes from Zappa’s famed Mothers of Invention band. If you know Zappa you know guitarist Ike Willis, who joined Zappa’s band in 1977 and is featured on nearly 30 of Zappa’s recordings - most popular for his seminal vocal work on such works as "Thing-Fish" and "Joe's Garage, Acts I, II (& III).” Two-time Grammy Award winning saxophonist, Ernie Watts, has been featured on over 500 recordings with leaders as varied as Thelonious Monk, Gilberto Gil and Zappa. Mr. Watts last appeared in Burlington with Charlie Haden’s Quartet West. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Napoleon Murphy Brock is best known for the indescribably enchanting singing you heard on such classic Zappa albums One Size Fits All, Roxy And Elsewhere, and Bongo Fury. The selections used for this engagement will be conducted and arranged by Ed Palermo, who has been performing his Zappa transcriptions since Zappa’s death in 1993. Opening up tonight's adventure will be Vorcza Trio, one of Vermont's most exciting improvisational ensembles. Known for their explosive, high-energy live shows, Vorcza is composed of Ray Paczkowski, Gabe Jarrett, and Robinson Morse.




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