michael 'mike' brecker

A remarkable technician and a highly influential tenor-saxophonist (the biggest influence on other tenors since Wayne Shorter), Michael Brecker took a long time before much of his career as a top-notch studio player who often appeared backing pop singers, leading some jazz listeners to overlook his very strong improvising skills. Michael Brecker originally started on clarinet and alto before switching to tenor in high school.
Early on he played with rock and R&B-oriented bands. In 1969 he moved to New York and soon joined Dreams, an early fusion group. Brecker was with Horace Silver during 1973-74, gigged with Billy Cobham and then co-led the Brecker Brothers (a commercially successful funk group) with his brother-trumpeter Randy Brecker for most of the 1970s. He was with Steps (later Steps Ahead) in the early '80s, doubled on an EWI (electronic wind instrument) and made a countless number of studio sessions during the 1970s and '80s, popping up practically everywhere (including with James Taylor, Yoko Ono and Paul Simon). With the release of his first album as a leader in 1987 (when he was already 38), Brecker started appearing more often in challenging jazz settings.  He recorded additional sets as a leader (in 1988 and 1990), teamed up with McCoy Tyner on one of 1995's most rewarding jazz recordings and toured with a reunited BreckerBrothers band.
-- Scott Yanow

The Brecker Brothers played with Zappa from December 26 to 29 in 1976, at the Palladium, in New York. But not at the Felt Forum shows in October, nor on Saturday Night Live.
-- Charles Ulrich

Recordings of the Palladium concerts with Zappa were released on Zappa's "Zappa In New York".

The Brecker brothers toured with Billy Cobham in 1975.
Michael Brecker was Artist in Residence at the North Sea Jazz festival in 2004.

Michael Brecker died of leukemia, January 2007.



frank zappa: zappa in new york
   (1978, 2lp, usa, discreet)

59 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.6
   (1992, 2cd, usa, ryko)


frank zappa: läther
   (1996, 3cd, usa, ryko)


frank zappa: have i offended someone?
   (1997, cd, usa, ryko)




Michael Brecker Band

Michael Brecker Quartet

Michael Brecker Band


random notes

born: mar 29, 1949 in philadelphia, pa

     From: Charles Pater      Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999      Subject: Michael Brecker on Zappa on Dutch Radio4      1999/10/22 radio show  'Jazz op 4' 23:00-24:00 h - - - - Paul Harvey speaks to Michael Brecker-this is my transcription of the Zappa part: PH: I remember now you were going from Steps to another great character, an other great icon in music: Frank Zappa. You did the Live In New York with him, that must have been fun!? MB: You have a good memory. We did Live In New York with Frank Zappa... that was an experience that I will never forget. It was certainly bizarre - he had a great sense of humor ON stage and he was a serious testmaster OFF stage. The music was really really difficult uh to play... in any way that made sense uh but I had tremendous respect for his ... you know ... his creativity in what he attempted to do. PH: A great band as well MB: Oh, the band was unbelievable; that was with that Terry Bozzio uh Ruth Underwood uh what was that bassplayers name uh a fantastic bassplayer... anyway  he wrote a tune called The Black Page which was basically written to ??? (chuckles)... to me it was totally unplayable. I can only play one note every few measures.. it was...you know...all in groups of 11 and 13 and uh I just couldn't play it at all. Uh but uh Frank liked to play with jazz musicians cause I think it was something he didn't...that wasn't in his roots ... a sort of his guitar approach was coming from a whole other place. So when he heard jazz or jazz musicians that could swing I think he was fascinated by it and I enjoyed that week a lot! PH: Who was that other ...eh..Ronnie Cuber? MB: Ronnie was in the band ...Lou Marini. Lou Marini could actually play the back plage uh the (mumbling) Black Page, he could actually play every note of it and of course the guys in the rhythm section could play it. They had months to work on'm. PH: Those recordings were at the Palladium in NY? MB: Yes, at the Palladium on Halloween and Frank had called me a few months later to play a piece that he had written for Orchestra and Saxophone that he was going to record in Austria and I couldn't do it for schedule reasons. I don't know if he ever recorded it. PH: The album was released a bit later on uh and uh Frank did some overdubs. MB: The palladium record? Oh yes that was released a few months later and uh ...I think it had changed a bit ...actually I never heard it...really...I should sit down and listen to it one day! (concludes with Black Napkins from YCDTOSA#6) - - - - Charles Pater: You really should sit down and be amazed Michael!
     From: Patrick Neve Here's his official page: http://www.michaelbrecker.com/

    From: Gerard Wissink

In 2004, Michael Brecker was artist in residence at the North Sea Jazz festival in The Hague, NL. He performed on several occasions, including a concert with Farmers Market on 2004/07/11.

2005/02/02, Dutch national radio 4 did broadcast a recording of this 2004/07/11 concert.

Farmers Market

Special guest: Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone

Setlist: some fag rag * jog trot (traditiona)l/nothing personal * introductions * new smeseno/kyrillisk bøddel * trad rachenenitzk/in a sentimental mood


A Message From Susan Brecker
Dear Family and Friends,

My husband, Michael Brecker, has been diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), and its critical that he undergoes a stem cell transplant. The initial search for a donor (including Michael's siblings and children) has not yet resulted in a suitable match. Michael's doctors have told us that we need to immediately explore ALL possible options. This involves getting as many people of a similar genetic background to be tested.

There are some important points to understand concerning this process:

The screening involves a blood test only. It can be done very quickly either at a marrow donation center or at a LOCAL LAB. The cost is anywhere from $40 to $75 and your insurance may cover it. (In NYC, you can call Frazier, at the NY Blood Bank, at 212-570-3441, and make an appointment for HLA typing. It costs $40.00.) Check with your local blood bank, or go to http://www.marrow.org to find the donor center nearest you.
Your blood typing information can be posted on the international registry, if you choose, where it would also be available to others in need of a transplant. BEING ON THE REGISTRY DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO DONATE, it just means that you may be ASKED to do so. You can take your name off the registry at any time.

Should you be selected as a potential donor for Michael, please understand that there have been tremendous advances in bone marrow transplants and the term itself can be misleading. Bone marrow donation is no more invasive than giving blood. Stem cells are simply harvested from your blood and then transplanted to Michael.

A match for Michael would be most likely to come from those of Eastern European Jewish descent. If you or anyone you know are in this category please make a special effort to immediately get tested. Ultimately, you would be doing something not just for Michael, but for so many more who are in a similar situation as my husband.

You are now part of our internet-based drive for donor testing. If everyone who receives this can motivate a bunch of their friends to get tested, and those friends then forward this email to get their friends to get tested, we will have rapidly expanded the pool of potential donors. I urge all of you to get tested AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Any local blood center/Red Cross center can assist in organizing a drive for Michael, although it would be desirable if you can get a large group, e.g. a synagogue, to sponsor it. Should you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Michael's management office at 212.302.9200 or info@michaelbrecker.com.

Thank you so much for your love and support.

We are so grateful.

-- Susan xo

2007 01 14

CBS/AP) NEW YORK Michael Brecker -- a versatile and much-studied jazz saxophonist who won eleven Grammys over a career that spanned more than three decades -- has died.

He was 57 years old. His longtime friend and agent says Brecker died today of leukemia in New York.

Becker was born in 1949 in Philadelphia and had won the Grammys for his work as a tenor saxophonist. He was inspired to study the tenor saxophone by the work of jazz legend John Coltrane.

He and his brothers led a successful jazz-rock fusion group called the Brecker Brothers. Throughout his career, he recorded and performed with numerous jazz and pop music leaders, including Herbie Hancock and Joni Mitchell.

His technique on the saxophone was widely emulated and taught. Jazziz magazine once called him "inarguably the most influential tenor stylist of the last 25 years."




 1983 michael brecker- cityscape

 1986 michael brecker- michael brecker

 1988 michael brecker- don't try this at home

 1990 michael brecker- now you see it...now you don't

 1996 michael brecker- tales from the hudson

 1949 corea, chick- music forever and beyond: the selec


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 1975 manhattan transfer- manhattan transfer

 1975 brecker brothers- brecker brothers

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 1975 sanborn, david- taking off

 1975 brecker brothers- brecker brothers collection, vol. 2

 1975 triumphant sax- triumphant sax!

 1976 collins, bootsy- stretchin' out in bootsy's rubber b

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 1976 murphy, elliott- night lights

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 1976 sidran, ben- free in america

 1976 tropea, john- john tropea

 1976 atlantic family live at- atlantic family live at montreux

 1976 thomas, joe [sax #2]- feelin's from within

 1976 average white band- soul searching 

 1976 blue oyster cult- agents of fortune

 1976 buchanan, roy- street called straight

 1976 franks, michael- art of tea 

 1976 john, elton- blue moves

 1976 nyro, laura- smile

 1976 parliament- clones of dr. funkenstein

 1976 parliament- mothership connection

 1976 starr, ringo- ringo's rotogravure

 1976 taylor, james- in the pocket

 1976 taylor, james- greatest hits

 1976 benson, george- george benson collection

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 1978 blue montreux- blue montreux, vol. 2 

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 1981 khan, chaka- what cha' gonna do for me

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 1989 knight, holly- holly knight

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 1989 oconnor, mark- on the mark

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 1990 taylor, james- best of james taylor

 1990 colina, michael- rituals 

 1990 everything but the girl- language of life 

 1990 orleans- still the one

 1990 simon, carly- my romance

 1990 simon, carly- have you seen me lately

 1990 simon, paul- rhythm of the saints

 1990 butler, jonathan- deliverance

 1990 grolnick, don- weaver of dreams

 1990 james, bob- grand piano canyon

 1990 loeb, chuck- life colors

 1990 patitucci, john- sketchbook

 1990 weckl, dave- master plan

 1990 brecker, randy- toe to toe

 1991 aerosmith- pandora's box

 1991 colina, michael- shadows of urbano 

 1991 holliday, jennifer- i'm on your side

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 1991 two rooms: celebrating the songs of

 1991 simon, paul- paul simon's concert in the park, a

 1991 beard, jim- song of the sun 

 1991 reynolds, l.j.- l. j. reynolds

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 1991 metheny, pat- works ii

 1991 metheny, pat- works i

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 1993 simon, paul- born at the right time [video]

 1993 nyro, laura- walk the dog & lite the lite (run t

 1993 simon, paul- 1964-1993

 1993 delano, peter- peter delano

 1993 third world- reggae ambassadors: 20th anniversar

 1993 garfunkel, art- up 'til now

 1993 world of contemporary jazz groups 

 1993 bluesiana hot sauce- bluesiana hot sauce

 1993 khan, steve- crossings

 1993 blenzig, charles- say what you mean

 1993 pasqua, alan- milagro

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 1993 leonhart, jay- with his friends live at fat tuesda

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 1995 miramar collection, vol. 2

 1995 sixun- lunatic taxi

 1995 mclaughlin, john- promise

 1995 hancock, herbie- new standard 

 1995 grolnick, don- medianoche 

 1995 doky brothers- doky brothers


tony williams: wilderness
    (1995, cd, ??, ??) - feat. michael brecker, walt fowler, earle dumler, bob zimitti

tonywilliams_wilderness.jpg (22987 bytes)


 1995 pasqua, alan- dedications

 1995 coster, tom- from the street

 1995 blue suede sneakers- blue suede sneakers

 1995 flying monkey orchestra- back in the pool

 1995 patitucci, john- one more angel

 1996 bolin, tommy- from the archives, vol. 1

 1996 cameo- best of cameo, vol. 2

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 1996 people make the world go 'round

 1996 for our children too- for our children too

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 1996 back to the basics, vol. 1

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 1996 instant funk- greatest hits

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 1996 purdie, bernard- soul to jazz

 1996 casiopea- super best of casiopea

 1996 groovy: a collection of rare club t

 1996 frank zappa- läther

 1996 ledford, mark- miles 2 go

 1997 landgren, nils- paint it blue

 1997 itoh, kimiko- sophisticated lady

 1997 kawasaki, ryo- mirror of my mind

 1997  norby, caecilie- my corner of the sky

 1997 garfunkel, art- across america

 1997 taylor, james- hour glass

 1997 rankin, kenny- here in my heart

 1997 jazz fusion, vol. 1- jazz fusion, vol. 1

 1997 jazz fusion, vol. 2- jazz fusion, vol. 2

 1997 orleans- we're still having fun: the best of

 1997 daltrey, roger- martyrs & madmen: the best of roger

 1997 ono, yoko- story

 1997 roney, wallace- village

 1997 rundgren, todd- very best of todd rundgren

 1997 vanguard collector's ed- vanguard collector's edition set

 1997 joel, billy- greatest hits, vol. 3

 1997 cti records: the birth- cti records: the birth of groove

 1997 rca victor 80th anniver- rca victor 80th anniversary, vol. 6

 1997 stern, mike- give and take

 1997 art of saxophone- art of saxophone

 1997 silver, horace- prescription for the blues

 1997 rhodes, rick- deep in the night

 1997 best of smooth jazz- best of smooth jazz

 1997 midnight in the garden of good & ev

 1997 spyro gyra- best of spyro gyra: the first ten years

 1997 itoh, kimiko- standards my way

 1997 frank zappa- have i offended someone?

 1998 waldman, randy- wigged out

 1998 martha and the muffins / m+m- then again: a retrospective

 2000 jason miles / various artists- celebrating the music of weather report

     bernsen, randy- mo' wasabi

     simon, harris- new york connection

     ritchie family- bad reputation

     faro, rachel- refugees

     bliss, peter- peter bliss

     copeland, ruth- take me to balitmore

     coal kitchen- thirsty or not...choose your flavor

     drews, j.d.- j. d. drews

     gaffney, henry- on again off again

     james, mark- mark james

     saint & stephanie- saint & stephanie

     lieberman, lori- letting go

     eaton, william- struggle buggy

     national lampoon- music issue

     larsen, neil- through any window

     mouzon, alphonse- best of alphonse mouzon

     casino lights- casino lights [recorded live at mon

     dalto, jorge- listen up!

     flying monkey orchestra- mango theory

     jarreau, al- tenderness [video]





Additional informants
- Ryan Davenport
- Jan van Kemenade
- Roberto Gatto

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