ava cherry and the astronettes

people from bad homes
   - incl. 'how could i be such a fool' (frank zappa)
         / feat. aynsley dunbar

1995 cd uk golden years gy005

the astronettes: vocals
    ava cherry
    geoff maccormack
    jason guess
    david bowie
    david bowie
    aynsley dunbar
    herbie flowers
    mike garson
    mark pritchard
    luis ramirez

arranged by david bowie

  1. i am devine (david bowie)
  2. i am laser (david bowie)
  3. even days (peacock)
  4. god only knows (wilson, asher)
  5. having a good time (ava cherry)
  6. people from bad homes (david bowie)
  7. highway blues (harper)
  8. only me (ava cherry)
  9. things to do (david bowie)
  10. how could i be such a fool (frank zappa)
  11. i'm in the mood for love (ava cherry)
  12. spirits in the night (springsteen)