david bowie

David Bowie contributed to Ava Cherry covering Frank Zappa's 'How Could  Be Such A Fool'.
Around 1966/67 Bowie had already recorded and/or other Zappa songs ('It Can't Happen Here', 'Who Are The Brain Police') with his bands at the time, the Buzz and the Riot Squad.

During his 2003/10/30 concert in Vienna, Bowie referred to Zappa's 'It Can't Happen Here'. Asking the audience if anyone knew this song.

in the late seventies, adrian belew played guitar in bowie's band:

  david bowie: stage
    (1978, 2lp, usa, emi) - feat.adrian belew
  david bowie: lodger
    (1979, lp, usa, emi) - feat.adrian belew
  david bowie: welcome to the blackout
    (2018, 3lp, usa, parlophone) - feat. adrian belew  //  record store day release  //  re-issued as a 2 cd


random notes:

On 2003/10/30 "Camillo" wrote: I just returned from today's David Bowie concert here in good old Vienna. During the band intro he noticed that his female bassist did not wear a long shirt - just a jacket above smaller  shirt - so You could see quite some skin. And DB went "Could imagine" - just as Uncle Frank did on FO!. Then he said, that this was from a song called  It can't happen here from Frank Zappa, and wanted to know how many people here tonight knew this song. He actually asked two times.

And "Shiborugu" added: I bet nobody here knew David Bowie played in a band called "the Riot Squad" in the mid-late 60's that covered "It Can't Happen Here", "Who Are The Brain Police" among others...

- Shiborugu
- Camillo

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