capitano elica

capitano elica contributed to the frank zappa tribute album:

  various artists: frank you, thank!
    (1999, cd, i, il popolo del blues) – feat.various artists playing frank zappa compositions


random notes

     from: marc de bruyn (
remember jules verne (1828-1905)? that's the guy who wrote books like "a journey to the centre of the earth" (1864), "around the world in eighty days" (1872), and "20,000 leagues under the sea" (1873). he also wrote a book "l'ile à hélice" (propeller island, also called "the floating island") in 1895, which is a sort of floating island-utopia... a french string quartet (sébastien zorn, frascolin, yvernes and pinchinat), traveling from san francisco to their next engagement in san diego, is diverted to standard island, an immense man-made island designed to travel the waters of the pacific ocean. if you translate "l'ile à hélice" into italian, you get "l'isola a elica"... this would make capitano elica "captain of the floating island"... maybe i'm just hallucinating... maybe ben watson just turned into my worst nightmare...

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