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frank you, thank!
    – all compositions by frank zappa

1999 cd italy il popolo del blues 045

(almost) all compositions by frank zappa

  1. la macchina ossuta: ‘i’m the slime’
  2. capitano elica: ‘dancin’ fool’
  3. ella guru: ‘tryin’ to grow a chin’
  4. camarilli: ‘let’s move to cleveland’
  5. yahozna: ‘marqueson’s chicken’
  6. zeta boom: ‘hungry freaks daddy’
  7. u.b.t. (uomini sulla bocca di tutti): ‘tell me you love me’
  8. pascale con f. e c. bottai & f. berti: ‘willie the pimp’
  9. muffin blues band: ‘in france’
  10. valanga vanga: ‘heavy duty judy’
  11. n.f. e i virtuosi dal pianeta talento: ‘inca roads’
  12. marco lamioni: ‘peaches en regalia’
  13. fast ‘n’ bulbous: ‘twenty small cigars’
  14. if six was nine: ‘duke of prunes / sedani / duke of prunes reprise’
  15. tankio band: ‘america drinks and goes home’
  16. ossi duri: ‘take your clothes off when you dance’

random notes

     from: charles pater (
the tributo italiano "frank you, thank!" has a very intelligent arrangement by alessandro fabbri of duke of prunes by a group called if six was nine. it's a kind of nino rota approach and has besides bass-clarinet, trombone, soprano-and baritonsax, tuba, etc also a nice high soprano vocalise.
apart from the regular covers like i'm the slime by la macchina ossuta, tryin'to grow a chin by ella guru, dancin'fool by capitano elica and heavy duty judy (bwthw-arr) by valanga vanga, this cd has some nice arrangements of:
tell me you love me by the guitar group u.b.t.
was that bit from the queen song "another one bites the dust" always present in that fz composition? also a nice wtp quote.
n.f. e i virtuosi dal pianeta talento's rendition of inca roads has some nice flamengo clapping...
a highlight is duke of prunes by if six was nine. an intelligent arrangement by alessandro fabbri that went from nino rota to charles haden; nice horns and a sexy vocalise by a soprano.
also some bands that had already their own tribute-cds like fast'n'bulbous(great group with a 70's sound), yahozna (great guitarplayer and drummer) and of course riccardo fassi tankio band (maybe ed palermo has the great names, but this italian big band really has the team spirit!) 
well, it says vol.1 so what are we waiting for?
art work is very well done.

some of my favorite tracks are:
20 small cigars- fast & bulbous
duke of prunes- if 6 was 9
hungry freaks- zeta boom
these are 3 of my absolute favorites on the disc. duke of prunes in my opinion is amazing. this number has the hair standing up on my arm when i hear it. it is a reminder of what a great composer he was. all of the tracks are interesting in their own way. my taste in zappas output leans toward the instrumental material. i zero in on the "playing aspect" of his recording output. give a few spins and wear your big ears.