the central scrutinizer band

live in so paulo 2008
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2008 dvd brasil uh!!! video producoes

recorded at the cultural centre in so paulo on 01/06/2008

mano bap: guitar, vocals
rainer t. pappon: guitar
caio ges: bass
cad bap: vocals & alto sax
hugo hori: vocals & tenor sax
eron guarnieri: keyboard
claudio tchernev: drums
ricardo bologna: percussion

all compositions by frank zappa, except 14

  1. chunga's revenge

  2. cosmik (eat that question) debris

  3. montana

  4. carolina hard core ecstasy

  5. florentine pogen

  6. fifty-fifty

  7. sofa

  8. apostrophe (')

  9. i promise not to come in your mouth

  10. andy

  11. inca roads

  12. keep it greasey

  13. honey don't you want a man like me?

  14. whipping post

  15. zomby woof