the central scrutinizer band 

with ike willis again
    - feat. ike willis, all compositions by frank zappa

2010 dvdr brasil private release

recorded in concert in 2009

the central scrutinizer band
  mano bap: guitar and vocals
  cadú bap: alto sax and vocals
  hugo hori: tenor sax and vocals
  rainer t. pappon: guitar
  caio góes: bass
  claudio tchernev: drums
  eron guarneri: keybaords
  ricardo bologna: percussion
special guest
  ike willis: guitar and vocals

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. zoot allures
  2. catholic girls
  3. fembot in a wet t-shirt
  4. why does it hurt when i pee?
  5. oh no
  6. more trouble every day
  7. genes
  8. fifty-fifty
  9. black napkins
  10. peaches en regalia
  11. andy
  12. inca roads
  13. uncle remus
  14. i promise not to come in your mouth
  15. penguin in bondage
  16. carolina hardcore ecstasy
  17. outside now