flat earth society

answer songs
- incl. 'leave nothing' by bruno vansina (an 'answer song' to zappa's 'peaches en regalia')

2009 cd-promo bel crammed discs


bart maris: trumpet 
benjamin boutreur: alto sax 
berlinde deman: tuba 
bruno vansina: baritone sax 
esther lybeert: vocals 
jon birdsong: trumpet 
kristof roseeuw: double bass 
luc van lieshout: trumpet 
marc meeuwissen: trombone 
michel mast: tenor sax 
peter vandenberghe: keyboards, piano 
peter vermeersch: clarinet 
pierre vervloesem: guitar 
stefaan blancke: trombone 
teun verbruggen: drums, percussion 
tom wouters: clarinet, vibes, vocals 
wim willaert: accordeon, keyboards

produced by peter vermeersch

  1. les brasseries de la plage  (p.vermeersch / r.hofstede) 
            - answer song to 'les filles du bord de mer / vous permettez)  (adamo)  

  2. drizzlin' on heels  (t.wouters / t.wouters) 
            - answer song to 'i'm deranged' (d.bowie)  

  3. the everlasting sea  (b.vansina / f.wagemans)
            - answer song to 'should i stay or should i go' (the clash)  

  4. dit is alles  (p.vermeersch / j.de pauw) 
            - answer song to 'is dit alles' (doe maar)

  5. miss possible  (p.vandenberghe) 
            - answer song to 'mission impossible' (l.schiffrin)

  6. black (jef neve)
            - answer song to 'answer me, my love' (j.mitchell)

  7. by now  (p.vermeersch / p.vermeersch)
            - answer song to 'my funny valentine' (rodgers & hart)

  8. to walk a mermaid  (p.vandenberghe / p.verhelst) 
            - answer song to 'song to the siren (jeff buckley)

  9. poupée de con  (p.vermeersch / g.dendooven) 
            - answer song to 'poopée de cire' (s.gainsbourg)  

  10. thursday 12th  (c.van binsbergen / p.vermeersch) 
            - answer song to 'i don't like mondays / friday 13th) (boomtown rats & monk)

  11. leave nothing  (bruno vansina)
            - answer song 'peaches en regalia' (frank zappa)