flat earth society

 a peter vermeersch project.



1 flat earth society: live at the beursschouwburg 1999
    (2000, cd, bel, viakra stage 3 - 692006 5)

2 flat earth society: bonk
    (2000, cd, bel, zonk) - incl. 'skinny', 'the electrocutioner' (the residents)

  a group: volume 3
    (2000, cd, bel, via records belgium viakra 6920022) - incl. compositions by snakefinger, raymond scott

3 josse de pauw - peter vermeersch - flat earth society: larf
    (2001, cd, bel, zonk/lowlands)

fes_larf.jpg (22379 bytes)

4 peter vermeersch / flat earth society: minoes
    (2002, cd, bel, zonk!004) 

fes_minoes.jpg (29939 bytes)

5 flat earth society: trap
    (2002, cd, bel, zonk!006)

6 flat earth society: the armstrong mutations
    (2003, cd, bel, zonk!008) 

7 flat earth society: heliogabal
    (2003, 2cd-promo, bel, klara)

fes_heliogabal.jpg (4020 bytes)

8 flat earth society: isms
    (2004, cd, bel, ipecac) - compilation by mike patton

  various artists: festival voor nieuwe muziek - happy new ears
    (2005, cd, bel, gonzo circus gc 066) - incl. peter vermeersch: 'heliogabal'

hne_gc066.jpg (22406 bytes)

various artists: jazztublief! - een oor op jazz in vlaanderen
    (2005, cd-promo, bel, muziekcentrum vlaanderen fmc 2005/11) - incl. bart maris, flat earth society
jazztublieft2005.jpg (24559 bytes)
9 flat earth society: psychoscout
    (2006, cd, bel, bonk / crammed discs) 

various artists: jazztublief!!
    (2007, cd-promo, bel, muziekcentrum vlaanderen fmc 2007/03) - incl. bruno vansina, teun verbruggen, flat earth society, franco saint de bakker, bart maris, mauro pawlowski, pierre vervloesem
jazztublieft2007.jpg (31335 bytes)
  various artists: klara festival 2007
    (2007, cd-promo, eu, klara festival) - incl. aka moon, flat earth society

klara2007_cd.jpg (30818 bytes)

10 movie: die austernprinzessin
    (2008, dvd, bel, filmarchive) - music by peter vermeersch & the flat earth society

fes_austern.jpg (44556 bytes)

  flat earth society: excerpts from "cheer me, perverts / answer songs"
    (2009, cd-promo, bel, crammed discs cram 138)

fes_excerpts2009.jpg (25176 bytes)

  flat earth society: answer songs
    (2009, cd-promo, bel, crammed discs) - incl. 'leave nothing' by bruno vansina (an 'answer song' to frank zappa's 'peaches en regalia')

fes_answers_demo.jpg (27006 bytes)

11 flat earth society: cheer me, perverts!
    (2009, cd, bel, crammed discs cram 138)

fes_cram138.jpg (29623 bytes)

12 flat earth society: answer songs
    (2009, cd, bel, zonk! 013)

fes_answersongs.jpg (37361 bytes)

  various artists: it's a crammed crammed world
    (2009, cd, bel, crammed discs cd cram 149) - incl. flat earth society: 'muff'

crammedworld.jpg (32822 bytes)

13 flat earth society: 13
    (2012, cd, bel, igloo igl239)

fes_13.jpg (27077 bytes)

  flat earth society / x-legged sally: fes xls
    (2014, 3cd, bel, igloo 254 - 256)

fesxls_3.jpg (38318 bytes)

14 peter vermeersch, josse de pauw, flat earth society, rolande van der paal: boot & berg
    (2014, cd, bel, igloo 254)

15 flat earth society: call sheets, riders & chicken mushroom
    (2014, cd, bel, igloo 256)

igl256.jpg (37401 bytes)

16 flat earth society: terms of embarrassment
    (2016, cd, bel, igloo 272) - incl. various frank zappa compositions, feat. mauro pawlowski

fes_termsofembarrassment.jpg (16458 bytes)

  peter vermeersch & flat earth society: s.s. belgenland world cruise 1927
    (2017, dvd, bel, red star line museum)

fes_s_s_belgenland.jpg (38219 bytes)

various artists: ham sessions - 2016
    (2016, cd-promo, bel, private release) - incl. sinister sister: 'inca roads' (frank zappa), feat. flat earth society
hamsession2016cd.jpg (31010 bytes)
  flat earth society: boggamasta
    (2017, cd, bel, igloo 288)

fes_boggamasta.jpg (33793 bytes)

  flat earth society: boggamasta dub remix
    (2018, download, bel, igloo) - remix by pierre vervloesem




Nieuwe creatie van Peter Vermeersch en Josse De Pauw.
Met Josse De Pauw, Rolande van der Paal, Flat Earth Society en Champ d'Action.

2012/04/14 De Singel, Antwerpen (première)

2012/05/16 Concertgebouw Brugge

2012/09/28 Vooruit/Festival van Vlaanderen Gent


2013/03/23 concert 'Paradox', Tilburg, NL




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