filthy habits ensemble

king kong - unmatched vol.11
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2010 cd spain hall of fame hof-045-cd

tracks 1 - 5 : studio recording
tracks 6 - 8 : recorded in concert in barcelona

el pricto: alto sax, clarinet, musical director
don malfon: alto & baritone saxophone
liba villavecchia: tenor & soprano saxophone
guillermo calliero: trumpet
jo miramontes: keyboards
director wilkins: electric guitar
sebi suárez: electric bass
vasco 'thriller' trilla: drums

produced by el pricto

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. echidna's arf

  2. don't you ever wash that thing

  3. little umbrellas

  4. big swifty

  5. king kong variations

    1. king kong itself

    2. 1st variation: rasta malfon goin' wild

    3. 2nd variation: crossing the jungle in prictic joropo style

    4. 3rd variation: wilkinean interlude in the middle of the night

    5. 4th variation: prictic chorale: encounter w/future mate

    6. 5th variation: abduction: frank's point of view

    7. finale: the ape is just too big for the girl

  6. filthy habits

  7. dupree's paradise

  8. dukes of prunes