filthy habits ensemble

The Filthy Habits Ensembe performs the music of Frank Zappa.

The band  performed at the Zappanale festival in 2010.

Filthy Habits Ensemble Website:



  various artists: zappanale 21 - promo-cd 2010
    (2009, cd-promo, ger, arf society)

zappanale21b_promo.jpg (24963 bytes)

  filthy habits ensemble: king kong - unmatched vol.11
    (2010, cd, spain, hall of fame) - all compositions by frank zappa

unmatched11.jpg (19883 bytes)

  various artists: XXII years of freaktion
    (2015, download, hall of fame records) - incl. various frank zappa compositions

hof_xxiiyearsoffreaktion.jpg (57257 bytes)






  • 2013/04/03 concert 'Jamboree Dance Club', Barcelona, Spain
  • 2013/04/10 concert 'Jamboree Dance Club', Barcelona, Spain





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