f.z.q.  -  frank zappa quartet


The Frank Zappa Quartet is a Czech band that plays the music of Frank Zappa. They released one demo, and also a concert video.


  • Miroslav Hála
  • Jiří Hála
  • Jan Valendin
  • Miroslav Hromádka
  • Martin Návrat






  frank zappa quartet: f.z.q. - live 2005
    (2006, cdr-pro, cz, private release) - all zappa compositions
  frank zappa quartet: video live concert 2007
    (2007, dvdr-pro, cz, private release) - all zappa compositions



  • 2008/10/15 The FZ Quartet - concert 'Leitnerka', Brno, Czech Republic

  • 2008/12/06 The FZ Quartet - concert 'Stara Pekarna', Brno, Czech Republic
    • recorded for czech tv !! broadcast in 2009/01
  • 2010/12/15 The FZ Quartet - concert 'Stará Pekárna', Brno, Czech Republic

This picture was taken after the concert. It shows the band and the main group of Zappa fans that you might have encountered at Zappanale...



random notes

2008 10 11
from: Bohous

The Frank Zappa Quartet will play 15.10.2008 in club Leitnerka in Brno and 6.12.2008 in club Stara Pekarna also in Brno, this concert´ll be record Czech TV for January program!!!

2013 12 04

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