freak kitchen

freak kitchen

1998 cd sweden thunderstruck
2005 cd france replica records rpl024

recorded between march and july 1998

mattias 'ia' eklundh: vocals, guitars, percussion, keyboards, ...
christian gronlund: bass, lead vocals on 12, vocal harmonies on 9
joakim sjoberg: drums

produced, arranged, engineered and edited by mattias 'ia' eklundh

all songs written by mattias 'ia' eklundh except where noted

  1. we've heard it all before
  2. vaseline bizniz
  3. michael & the syndrome
  4. entertain me
  5. my new haircut
  6. broken food
  7. bull
  8. mr kahchei & the 13 prostitutes
  9. scattered  (christian gronlund)
  10. six dildo bob & the bluegrass samba from hell
  11. tiny little second
  12. pathetic aesthetic  (christian gronlund)
  13. a regular guy
  14. also sprach cetacea