christopher garcia

Percussionist and drummer Christopher Garcia's projects include:


Picture of the light show at the St Katharinenkirche in Hamburg, July 17, 2019

Participating musicians :

Napoleon Murphy Brock: vocals, sax,flute
Chris Garcia: marimba, percussion
Matthaeus Winnitzi: piano
John Hughes: bass
Björn Lücker: drums
Fried Dähn: electric celle, arrangements, musical direction
Laurenz Theinert: visuals


Frank Zappa

  • Yellow Shark "Walk On Music"
  • Uncle Meat
  • Sleep Dirt
  • Twenty Small Cigars
  • Oh No
  • Son Of Orange County

Thelonious Monk

-- break --

Friedemann Dähn

  • Supercluster for 4 Players, Conductor and Grand Piano, feat. Chris Garcia, percussion in dialog
  • Die 'Sonografen'  (with Laurenz Theinert)
  • Tango Poison
  • Add
  • Double Check
  • Bach on Mars (prelude nr.1 für cello bwv 1007)
  • Sch
  • Furado

Frank Zappa

  • Blessed Relief
  • King Kong
  • Son Of Mr. Green Genes




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