- feat. adrian belew

2017 2cd japan ear music / ward records


  vittorio cosma: keyboards, vocals
  stewart copeland: drums, vocals
  adrian belew: guitar, vocals
  mark king: bass, vocals

produced by claudio dentes, vittorio cosma and stewart copeland

disc one

  1. zombies in the mall  (steward copeland)
  2. stay ready  (steward copeland)
  3. man in the mountain  (copeland, king, cosma)
  4. summer's coming  (copeland, cosma)
  5. sweet angels (rule the world)  (p.macdonald, s.copeland)
  6. amaka pipa  (copeland, belew)
  7. strange things happen  (copeland)
  8. ride your life  (copeland, king)
  9. zubatta cheve  (copeland, elio, cosma)   -    feat. elio: vocals
  10. spin this  (copeland, king)
  11. i know too much  (copeland, cosma)
  12. stark naked  (copeland)

disc two

  1. zombies on call  (zombies in the mall)  (steward copeland)
  2. druther the cowboy (stay ready)  (steward copeland)
  3. sweet domination (sweet angels)  (p.macdonald, s.copeland)
  4. just bring whiskey (ride your life)  (copeland, king)
  5. the cans of doom (i know too much)  (copeland, cosma)
  6. she can't hear you (strange things happen)  (copeland)
  7. guika longiano (zubatta cheve)  (copeland, elio, cosma)   -   feat. armand sabal lecco, mauro refosco, phil x, dod knishi
  8. louis hansa  (zombies in the mall)  (steward copeland)   -   feat. raiz: lead vocals