elio e le storie tese

Elio E Le Storie Tese is an Italian band that have performed (and also recorded) Frank Zappa compositions. Recordings of 'The Poodle Lecture', 'Broken Hearts Are For Assholes', 'Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?', 'You Are What You Is', 'Sofa' and 'Tell Me You Love Me' (Frank Zappa) circulate.

The band also toured with Ike Willis as special guest.

In 2005, Elio recorded an album with Ossi Duri , called "Gnam Gnam".


  elio e le storie tese: tutti gli uomini del deficiente
    (1999, cd, italy, aspirine 74321727512) – incl. ‘tell me you love me’ (frank zappa)
  elio e le storie tese: the lugano tapes
    (2001, vhs video, italy, bmg video 74321872453) – incl. various frank zappa compositions, featuring ike willis
  elio & ossi duri: gnam gnam
    (2005, cd, italy, electromantic music) - incl.various frank zappa compositions
  elio e le storie tese: collection
    (2011, 11cd+3dvd, italy, la gazettea dello sport) - incl.various frank zappa compositions, feat. ike willis
  ossi duri: frankamente
    (2013, cd-on-demand, usa, amazon) - all compositions by frank zappa, feat. ike willis
ossiduri_frankamente.jpg (41935 bytes)
  elio e le storie tese: dei megli dei nostri megli
    (2014, 3cd+dvd, italy, hukapan) - incl. 'sofa' (frank zappa), featuring ike willis on 'i am the walrus'
  ossi duri feat. elio + fabio treves: nati sotto il segno di zappa
    (2017, cd + dvd, italy, lazarimus) - all compostions by frank zappa
ossiduri_nati_sotto.jpg (24834 bytes)
  gizmodrome: gizmodrome
    (2017, cd, ger, ear music 0212193emu) - feat. adrian belew

gizmodrome_st.jpg (21962 bytes)

  gizmodrome: gizmodrome & riff tricks - the instrumentals - vol.1
    (2017, 2cd, japan, ear music / ward records) - feat. adrian belew

gizmodrome_st_rifftrick_2cdjapan.jpg (27515 bytes)

  elio e le storie tese: yes we can't
    (2017, 2cd, germany, ear music 0211921emu) - incl. 'telle me you love me' (f.zappa)


on video

  elio e le storie tese: the lugano tapes
    (2001, video, italy, ??) - incl.various frank zappa compositions, feat. ike willis







random notes

     from: oscar bianco
congratulation for your usefull pages. this is to inform you that italian band elio e le storie tese recorded a live cover of tell me you love me (recorded in sarteano - arezzo summer 1998) on their last cd "tutti gli uomini del deficiente" 1999 - aspirine / bmg records.
from the same concert i send you "why does it hurt... " (not in any official recording).


additional info:
- Mauro Porzi

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