grand funk railroad

good singin' good playin'
    - produced by frank zappa, zappa is also featured on guitar

1999 cd usa hip-o records hipd-40144

re-release of the 1976 album on mca 2216

  mark farner: guitar, vocals
  mel schacher: bass
  don brewer: drums
  craig frost: keyboards
special guest
  frank zappa: guitar  7, backing vocals 12

produced by frank zappa

  1. just couldn't wait  (farner)
  2. can you do it  (street, gordy)
  3. pass it around  (farner, brewer)
  4. don't let 'em take your gun  (farner)
  5. miss my baby  (farner)
  6. big buns  (farner)
  7. out to get you  (brewer, frost)
  8. crossfire  (farner)
  9. 1976  (farner)
  10. release your love  (farner)
  11. goin' for the pastor  (farner)
  12. rubberneck  (brewer)