the grandmothers of invention

zappanale 25
    - incl. various frank zappa compositions

2014 dvdr ger arf society


don preston: vocals, keyboards 
bunk gardner: wind Instruments
eric klerks: bass 
chris garcia: drums, vocals
max kutner: guitar, vocals


  1. call any vegetable
  2. absolutely free
  3. hey joe / flower punk
  4. who are the brain police
  5. uncle meat
  6. t'mershi duween
  7. go cry on somebody else's shoulder
  8. debra kadabra  (don van vliet)
  9. mother people
  10. the eternal quesion  (don preston)
  11. who needs the peace corps?
  12. i'm the slime
  13. let's make the water turn black
  14. harry, you're a beast
  15. oh no
  16. the orange country lumber truck
  17. more trouble every day
  18. the duke of prunes