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Dutch band Gruppo Sportivo incorporated Frank Zappa's 'Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance' in their 'Superman' song.

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  gruppo sportivo: 10 mistakes
    (1977, lp, nl, ariola 25464 xot) – incl ‘take your clothes off when you dance' (frank zappa) in 'superman'

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  gruppo sportivo: mistakes
    (1978, lp, usa, sire records company srk 6066) – incl ‘take your clothes off when you dance' (frank zappa) in 'superman'

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  gruppo sportivo: back to 19 mistakes
    (1988, cd, ger, ariola 258.848) – incl ‘take your clothes off when you dance' (frank zappa) in 'superman'

  various artists: het museum van studio brussel, vol. 4
    (1996, cd, bel, sony music col 4838022) – incl. gruppo sportivo: ‘superman’ (with intro of 'take your clothes off when you dance') (frank zappa)
  gruppo sportivo: hey girl
    (1999, cd, nl, disky dc 854242) – incl ‘take your clothes off when you dance' (frank zappa) in 'superman'

  gruppo sportivo: 10 mistakes / buddy odor is a gas!
    (2000, cd, ??, pseudony cdp 1067 dd) – incl ‘take your clothes off when you dance' (frank zappa) in 'superman'

gruppo sportivo: the secret of success
    (2011, cd, nl, prcd2011011)

  gruppo sportivo: 10 mistakes
    (2012, 2*10", eu, music on vinyl) – double 10" rerelease on white vinyl of the 1977 album, plus four bonus tracks. incl ‘take your clothes off when you dance' (frank zappa) in 'superman'





random notes

1977, gruppo sportivo - "take your clothes off when you dance"

(from "10 mistakes", bellaphone, bbs2548 and sire, srk 6066)


     from: unknown

gruppo sportivo -ten mistakes
has one cover on it and the damn ripper didn't even give credits to fz but just signed his own name. the cover is take your clothes off when you dance. the band leader was hans vanden burg, who later on did a small zappa tribute tour in holland

      from: theo alers (
this one i have to dig up myself, it is a great cover. band does not exist anymore i believe they used to have these backup vocal girls could the gruppetes,.. but i might be wrong there,..anyway i saw them several times performing this stuff,...nice album, but a band that was all about performing live and have a ball.

     from: marc de bruyn (
gruppo sportivo's first album - "10 mistakes" (1977, lp, sire 6066 or ariola benelux 25464xot) - contains a track called "superman": the intro of that song, say 2.5 minutes, is an instrumental cover of "take your clothes of when you dance". there's no mention of fz: "all songs by vandefuits" (which is actually hans vandenburg). this situation is not corrected on "back to 19 mistakes" (1988, cd, ariola 258.848) gathers highlights from "10 mistakes", "back to '78" (1978, lp, epic 83263 or ariola benelux 26.472 xot) + 3 other songs. talking of mistakes...

 steve huey (all-music guide): "affectionate parodies of pop music and occasional humorous cultural commentary gave the dutch new wave band gruppo sportivo a cult following in the early 1980s, although much of their material was available only through import sources."

     from: charles ulrich (
to be fair, on the label of 10 mistakes (1977 ariola benelux lp), in regard to "superman", it says "intro by frank zappa".

track list "back to 19 mistakes"

  1. mexican radio
  2. rock and roll (vandefruits)
  3. beep beep love (vandefruits)
  4. superman (vandefruits)
  5. lasting forever (vandefruits)
  6. girls never know (vandefruits)
  7. i shot my manager (vandefruits)
  8. mission a paris (vandefruits)
  9. armee monika (vandefruits)
  10. disco really made it
  11. hey girl (vandefruits)
  12. bernadette (vandefruits)
  13. p.s. 78 (vandefruits)
  14. tokyo (vandefruits)
  15. i said no! (vandefruits/calicher)
  16. blah blah magazines (vandefruits)
  17. one way love (from me to you) (vandefruits)
  18. bottom of the class (vandefruits)
  19. sleeping bag

musicians "10 mistakes"

meike touw - vocals
peter calicher - piano, organ, vocals
max mollinger - drums
hans vandenburg - guitar, vocals
josée van iersel - vocals
eric wehrmeyer - bass
mark boon - lead guitar ("rubber gun")
jan tans - sax ("lasting forever", "henri")

 other credits "10 mistakes"

hans vandenburg - producer
jan schuurman - engineer
robert jan stips - producer
robin freeman - engineer
aad link - engineer
young and ugly - art direction
dorien van der valk - design and photography

track list "10 mistakes"

  1. beep beep love (vandefruits)
  2. superman (vandefruits)
  3. lasting forever (vandefruits)
  4. girls never know (vandefruits)
  5. i shot my manager (vandefruits)
  6. mission a paris (vandefruits)
  7. dreamin' (vandefruits/gruppo sportivo)
  8. rock and roll (vandefruits)
  9. henri (vandefruits)
  10. armee monika (vandefruits)
  11. rubber gun (vandefruits)

hans vandenburg - guitar, lead vocals
max 'climax' mollinger - drums
eric wehrmeyer - bass
peter calicher - farfisa organ, piano
meike touw - vocals
josée van iersel - vocals
rob kruisman - horns
maarten van norden - horns
jan kees tans - saxophone ("i said no")
rein van den broek - trumpet ("hey girl")
the aloysius college choir ("bottom of the class")

other credits "back to '78"

hans vandenburg - producer
robert jan stips - producer

track list "back to '78"

  1. hey girl (vandefruits)
  2. bernadette (vandefruits)
  3. p.s. 78 (vandefruits)
  4. tokyo (vandefruits)
  5. i said no! (vandefruits/calicher)
  6. real teeth are out (vandefruits)
  7. are you ready? (vandefruits)
  8. the booby-trap boogie (vandefruits)
  9. blah blah magazines (vandefruits)
  10. one way love (from me to you) (vandefruits)
  11. i'm a rocket (vandefruits)
  12. shave (vandefruits)
  13. the pogo never stops (vandefruits)
  14. bottom of the class (vandefruits)
  15. the single (vandefruits)

     from: computeruser (
some one mentioned missing persons as being a good new wave group. sorry but gruppo sportivo kicks their ass all over town. for those uninformed gruppo sportivo is a new wave group they covered zappa [the lumpy gravy arrangment of *take your clothes of when you dance* appears as an introduction to a song superman]
and fz played *real teeth are out* on wpix in 1979. i love it when frank was a bogus temporary dj!!!!
do what you can to get some gruppo they are great. cdnow has the cd hey girl which is a best of, of sorts and it includes superman and real teeth are out. they are a fun group with funny sometimes satirical lyrics.

     from: marcel burgstad (
gruppo sportivo are from holland. they're not around as a band anymore, but hans vandenburg (the lead singer) did a zappa tribute a few years ago. this was part of the marlboro flashbacks, where famous dutch artists cover songs of their favorite artists. oh well. at least frank smoked a lot, so the idea of being sponsored by a cigarette brand isn't that bad ;-)
gruppo sportivo we're very zappa oriented, lyricwise. songs like "disco really made it" were great.

     from: peter van laarhoven
disky communications.  didn't they publish a cheap beefheart sampler as well?  well, here's a 'best of gruppo sportivo'.  it includes 'superman', you know the one with the 'take your clothes off'-zappa intro, and lots of other classics.  it's a fine collection, but it does not present anything new.  does anyone know what happened to gruppo sportivo?  i've seen singer hans vandenburg on tv a couple of months ago, taking part in a quiz.  if i remember it right, he can't use the name 'gruppo sportivo' anymore.  there has been some sort of dispute between him and other ex-gruppo-members.  this true?  i do know that some of the gruppos performed in eindhoven quite some years ago as the 'rubbers of prevention' during a zappa-festival, but that was the last i heard of them.

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