Contemporary composer and musician Frank Nuyts created Hardscore to perform his compositions.
Hardscore has also performed Frank Zappa compositions on various occasions.







2017 - Carbon Fixation

50 years after the Summer Of Love, Hardscore presents "Carbon Fixation", a legacy of the hippie movement in sound (Frank Nuyts) and in images (Tomas Hendriks).

In particular, "Carbon Fixation" takes a look at the hurdles of hippies that tried to reach Kathmandu in their VW van.

Annelies Van Hijfte: lead vocals
Frank Debruyne: sax, backing vocals
Koen Van Overberghe: keyboards, backing vocals
Frank Nuyts: marimba, synthesizer, backing vocals
Frederik Martens: piano
Jonathan Bonny: vibrafoon
Stijn Deldaele: electric bass
Ronald Dhaene: drums
Tomas Hendriks: visuals
Mirek Coutigny: sound
Annique Konink-Burms: poster image

texts and compositions by Frank Nuyts

intro * Road Feel * Vehicles of Love * Wheels in Weeds * Convertible Superstar * Jaunt with Beetle * Calling Names * A Better Plan * Yearning Yarn * Hate to Love * Drawing up



2017 10 26 - concert 'De Bijloke', Gent, Belgium



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