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Contemporary composer Frank Nuyts lives in Belgium. Influences of Frank Zappa's music can be heard throughout his work.  His band Hardscore has performed Zappa's music on various occasions.

Frank Nuyts wrote a piece entitled 'Za-va-pa', dedicated to Frank Zappa. The piece got recorded at the Flagey studio in Brussels, Belgium, on 1991/12/03. It was performed by Jan Michiels on piano.
The piece hasn't been released, but has been made available as an mp3-download on the website of belgian national radio Klara.

December 10, 1995, Frank Nuyts (on marimba) and his wife Iris De Blaere (on piano) performed at the awardation ceremony of the Stripgidsdagen Festival in Turnhout, Belgium. They played Frank Zappa's 'Uncle Meat' and 'Rdnzl'.



1 hardscore: tubes for section
    (1997, cd, bel, sadef)

hardscore_tubes.jpg (32758 bytes)

2 hardscore: plays methane
    (1998, cd , bel, hardscore records hsr 02)

  hardscore: methane
    (1998, cd, bel, carbon 7 c7-035) = reissue of "plays methane"
3 hardscore: surf, wind and desire
   (2000, cd, bel, carbon 7 c7-045)

hardscore_surf.jpg (31278 bytes)

4 hardscore: monkey trial
    (2004, cd, spain, margen records) - incl. 'bound for a braun', a reference to frank zappa

5 frank nuyts: sonatas & prelude
    (2005, cd, bel, etcetera)

  various artists: frank nuyts - 50 jaar op dreef
    (2007, dvdr, bel, private release) - all compositions by frank nuyts

6 frank nuyts: thoughts about stacking, stomping and starting out
    (2009, cd, bel, etcetera)

franknuyts_stackingstomp.jpg (20358 bytes)

  vlaams sinfonietta: fetish
    (2013, cd+dvd, nl, vanderkrieken vdkc13001) - all compositions by frank nuyts

vlaamssinfonietta_nuyts.jpg (13843 bytes)

7 frank nuyts: integrale pianosonates deel 1
    (2012, cd, bel, de bijloke)
8 frank nuyts: integrale pianosonates deel 2
    (2013, cd, bel, de bijloke)
9 frank nuyts: integrale pianosonates deel 3
    (2013, cd, bel, de bijloke)
10 frank nuyts: integrale pianosonates deel 4
    (2014, cd, bel, de bijloke)
11 frank nuyts: integrale pianosonates deel 5
    (2014, cd, bel, de bijloke)
12 frank nuyts: integrale pianosonates deel 6
    (2015, cd, bel, de bijloke)
  frank nuyts: 18 pianosonates
    (2015, 6cd-box, bel, de bijloke) = box release of the previous six albums

franknuyts_18pianosonates.jpg (30507 bytes)



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