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In 2010, Arthur Barrow and Tommy Mars recorded and performed with Robby Krieger. Both of them can be heard on Robby Krieger's "Singularity" album and performed with the Robby Krieger Band

Arthur Barrow, Tommy Mars, Tom Brechtlein and Larry Klimas toured with Robby Krieger's Jazz Kitchen band in 2012. The band also performed a couple of Frank Zappa compositions during their concerts.
Chad Wackerman replaced Tom Brechtlein during the tour.



  robby krieger: versions
    (1982, lp, usa, shangai records) - feat.don preston, arthur barrow, sal marquez

robbykrieger_versions.jpg (14750 bytes)


robby krieger: robby krieger
    (1985, lp, usa, ??) - feat.don preston, arthur barrow

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  robbie krieger: no habla
    (1988, ??) - feat. arthur barrow on synthesizer, bass, guitar, keyboards & programming
arthur barrow: eyebrow razor (2)
(1995, cd, usa, muffin records productions mrp 024) - feat.lots of zappa alumni

  robbie krieger: versions/robbie krieger
    (1996, cd, ??) - feat. arthur barrow on bass, arranging, keyboards & fretless bass

robby krieger: singularity
    (2010, cd, usa, oglio ogl89160-2) - feat. bruce fowler, sal marquez, arthur barrow, vinnie colaiuta, walt fowler, tommy mars and albert wing

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  william shatner: ponder the mystery
    (2013, cd, usa, cleopatra records) - feat. steve vai, george duke, zoot horn rollo

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