(????, cd, ??, rkrcd-030302/130)

robby krieger

- feat.don preston, arthur barrow

1982 lp usa shangai records

    (1996, cd, usa, one way records) = "versions" + "robby krieger"
    (????, cd, ??, rkrcd-030302/130) = "versions" + "robby krieger"

robby krieger: all lead, rhythm and slide guitars
bruce gary: drums, percussion
arthur barrow: bass, keyboards
sal marquez: percussion
mark avnet: car crash
john densmore: drums, timbales
ray manzarek: keyboards, melodica
greg romeo: percussion
don preston: keyboards
deric roberts: drums
lisa brennis: bass
sam riney: sax
larry zack: drums


  1. tattooed love boys

  2. her majesty

  3. east end, west end

  4. crystal ship

  5. street fighting man

  6. reach out i'll be there

  7. gavin leggit

  8. underwater fall

  9. i'm gonna tell on you

  10. harlem nocturne