the lama home band

the end of the intellect

2015 lp bel bananafishin' records 006

limited edition of 250 copies.

recorded at 'the lamattick', 'the stork elevation hut' and 'the green kitchen', located on various spots in belgium, between 2011 and 2015.

all tracks are reworks of various songs from “deux ma sacoche” (2001) and “Eppe Komoke” (1997).
'the monsters of snarling' was a musical frogplay by the band situation, misters down and kang's very first band, back in 1983.
'a terrible mess' is an extract from 'chewing on a rainbow' (“deux ma sacoche”).

  d.down: voice, guitar, synth, percussion, etceteras
  kim kang: organ, synthesizers, voice, etceteras
  jay phlitman: voice  3
  dirk buscemi mortale: voice  4

photos cover/backcover: jay “baby says it’s jay” phlitman
cover technical engineering: keet
mastering: mister mon-o-phone

all songs by d.down & kim kang
side one

  1. the monsters of snarling (parts I & III)
  2. shrub with a snail's pace / leaning hedge
  3. your father is the discountman
  4. phone captain zero
  5. irma v. extract 1 : dinner
  6. nothing on antartica
  7. a terrible mess

side two

  1. muscular system (for jay)
  2. moe is den tijd heine
  3. fuster claws
  4. irma v. extract 2 : the field of it
  5. when i see mauricke
  6. irma v. extract 3 : luikersteenweg 171
  7. morse line fever
  8. closing the door