alex machacek

Guitar player Alex Machacek's major influences are Alan Holdsworth and Frank Zappa.

He performed and recorded with Terry Bozzio and with Patrick O'Hearn.

In 2008, he joined Eddie Jobson in UKZ.

In 2010, Alex recorded "24 Tales", an album that was composed to a 50-minute Marco Minnemann drum solo (which Marco recorded in one take).

July 9, 2011, The Terry Bozzio Trio (Terry Bozzio, Doug Lunn, Alex Machacek) did a at 'The Iridium' in NYC.



  mc hacek: featuring ourselves
    (1999, cd, eu, nge) - feat. alex machacek

mchacek.jpg (29308 bytes)

  the next generation of sound: musical universe - universal music
    (2001, cd, ??) - feat. alex machacek
  sumitra nanjundan: indian girl
    (2004, cd, ??) - feat. alex machacek
  terry bozzio, patrick o'hearn, alex machacek: out trio
    (2005, dvd, usa, altitude digital)

  alex machacek: [sic]
    (2006, cd, usa, abstract logix) - feat.terry bozzio

  alex machacek, jeff sipe, matthew garrison: improvision
    (2007, cd, usa, abstract logix ablx 007)

machacek_ablx007.jpg (30592 bytes)

  alex machacek, jeff sipe, neal fountain: the official triangle sessions
    (2008, cd, usa, abstract logix ablx 014)

machacek_ablx014.jpg (18281 bytes)

  ukz: radiation
    (2009, cdep, usa, glo digital glo 9000-2) - feat. eddie jobson, trey gunn, alex machacek, marco minnemann and aaron lippert

ukz_radiation.jpg (26128 bytes)

  alex machacek featuring marco minnemann: 24 tales
    (2010, cd, usa, abstract logix ablx 024)

machacek_24tales.jpg (17811 bytes)

  various artists: abstract logix live! the new universe music festival 2010
    (2011, 2dvd, usa, abstract logix) - feat. alex machacek

newuniverse_dvd.jpg (23996 bytes)

  various artists: the new universe
    (2011, 2cd, usa, abstract logix) - feat. alex machacek

thenewuniverse.jpg (18685 bytes)

  john wetton: raised in captivity
    (2011, cd, usa, abstract logix) - feat. eddie jobson, alex machacek

wetton_raised_cd.jpg (15523 bytes)

  sebastian cornelissen: u-turn
    (2011, cd, usa, abstract logix) - feat. alex machacek
  gary husband: dirty & beautiful vol.2
    (2012, cd, usa, abstract logix) - feat. alex machacek

garyhusband_dirtyandbeautiful2.jpg (56981 bytes)

  machacek, preuschl & pirker: fat
    (2012, cd, usa, abstract logix)

fat.jpg (18288 bytes)

  u.k.: live in tokyo
    (2012, dvd, japan, ??) - re-released in the usa in 2013

uk_reunion_liveintokyo.jpg (22269 bytes)

  richard hallebeek: rhpII
    (2013, cd, nl, richie rich) - feat. alex machacek

  gary husband & alex machacek: now
    (2013, cd, usa, abstract logix ablx 041)

husband_machacek_now.jpg (21382 bytes)

  eddie jobson: four decades
    (2015, blue-ray + dvd + 2cd, japan, ward records) - feat. alex machacek, marco minnemann ; incl. 'lšther' (frank zappa)

eddiejobson_fourdecades.jpg (27323 bytes)

  machacek, preuschl & pirker: fat (living the dream)
    (2015, cd, usa, abstract logix)

fat_livingthedream.jpg (39728 bytes)

  machacek, preuschl & pirker: fat #awesome
    (2018, cd, austria, private release)
  eddie jobson: live
    (2020, 2cd, usa, globe music) = eddie jobson's u-z project  /  feat. marco minnemann, alex machacek



  u.k.: april 8, 2011 - arlington
    (2012, cd-bootleg, ??, pickwick)

uk_b_april8_2011arlington.jpg (26293 bytes)

  u.k.: reunion tour - highline ballroom, nyc, ny - april 11, 2011
    (2012, 2cd-bootleg, japan, ??)

uk_highline2011.jpg (34484 bytes)


random notes

Terry Bozzio - Alex Machacek - Jimmy Johnson

2013/01/15 concert 'The Loft', UCSD, San Diego, CA, usa

special guest : Mike Keneally




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