project by former evil superstar and dEUS guitarist tim vanhamel.


selected discography


  millionaire: body experience revue
    (2001, cd5", bel, piasb 042 cd - 941.0042.122)
millionaire_bodyexperience.jpg (36261 bytes)
1 millionaire: outside the simian flock
    (2001, cd, bel, piasb 061 cd - 941.0061.020)
millionaire_outside.jpg (32932 bytes)
  millionaire: champagne
    (2002, cd5", bel, piasb 941.0077.122)
millionaire_champagne.jpg (19547 bytes)
2 millionaire: paradisiac
    (2005, cd, bel, play it again sam pias 941 0161 020) - on track co-written by mauro pawlowski
millionaire_paradisiac.jpg (59485 bytes)
3 millionaire: sciencing
    (2017, cd, bel, unday records unday063cd)
millionaire_sciencing.jpg (29277 bytes)







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