tim vanhamel

former evil superstar tim vanhamel, played with deus for a short while but formed millionaire with dave schroyen, another ex-evil superstar.

spotters have known about tim vanhamel for ages. possibly from his first band 'sister poopoo' and their vintage sebadoh-like guitarpopnoise or - more likely, - from his skullsplitting guitar work next to mauro pawlowski during the last few years of the evil superstars. vanhamel was there when 'love is okay' and 'boogie children rus' were conceived. he was undisputably responsable for the sexy grooves that make this album such a horny listening experience.

however, if this still doesn't ring a bell, you may have seen him perform live on stage with deus during 'the ideal crash' tour in 1999. from the sideline he was adding a demented dimension to the live-sound of belgium's most popular indie-rockers. now however, tim has formed his own band. dave schroyen (drums)- another superstars-veteran - was the first to team up. then two more homies joined; ben wijers (guitar) and bas remans (bass). aldo struyf (samples and synths, still member of orange black) came all the way from antwerp to add some twisted weirdness and superb melodies.


  magnus: the body gave you everything
    (2004, cd+dvd, bel, bulbus) = tom barman + cj bolland / feat. mauro pawlowski, peter vermeersch, tim van hamel

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