the muffin men

just another band from l4
    - feat. denny walley, robert martin, ben watson

2011 cd uk private release

recorded at the beanary and beyond by the bean and at zappanale 2010 by hans knees von bumpsadaisy
produced by the bean, compiled by chance

  rhino: drums, vocals
  jumpy: lead guitar, vocals
  mike: keyboards, sax, vocals
  waco: moog, keyboards, vocals
  roddie: bass, vocals
denny walley: slide guitar, vocals
ray white: guitar, vocals
robert martin: keyboards, vocals
  ben watson: vocals
  dave hale: doowop vocal extraordinaire

written, produced and arranged by the muffin men, except where noted

  1. doobie stopping

  2. cold winter gale

  3. cheeky fella

  4. i'm not drinkin' anymore

  5. more cheek from the boy

  6. the twilight zone

  7. a message from the ordinary man in the street

  8. jimmy oh jimmy

  9. mexican suprise

  10. cold winter gale - live

  11. intergalactic f**kblast diodem  (ben watson)

  12. whipping post  (gregg allman)