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Dutch drummer and composer Arend Niks has performed and recorded with Corrie van Binsbergen and with Drummers Double Bill.

He has released two solo albums as well as three albums with his New Niks ensemble.



  corrie en de brokken : alles beweegt (1)
    (1990, cd, nl, bvhaast 9005)

  vingerhoeds, van binsbergen, niks & kool: wall works
    (1991, cd, nl, ??)
  arend niks: at hand
   (1993, cd, nl, no can do music 000)

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  niks project: future museum
    (1997, cd, nl, bvhaast 9705)

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  corrie en de grote brokken: corrie en de grote brokken (3)
    (1997, 2cd, nl, via 9950502) - incl. zappa tribute

  no can do: tomorrow's paper
    (2000, cd, nl, bvhaast cd 0800)

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  corrie en de grote brokken: brokstukken (6)
    (2000, cd, nl, private release)

  corrie en de grote brokken: kado uit de hel (7)
    (2001, 2cd, nl, challenge records buzz zz 76019)

  corrie en de grote brokken: het land is moe
    (2005, cd, aus, challenge records) - incl. zappa teases

  drummers double bill: s.o.s.
    (2005, cd, nl, bvhaast 0703) - feat. corrie van binsbergen
1 new niks: penguin village
    (2006, cd, nl, no can do music ncd1)

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  drummers double bill & jan wolkers: 2 texel
    (2007, cd, nl, bvhaast 0306) - feat. corrie van binsbergen

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  cram: for a dog
    (2008, cd, nl, brokkenrecords 001)

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2 new niks & artvark sq: busy busy busy
    (2009, cd, nl, private release)

  orkater / marks, paauwe, niks & van der laan: ik beloof dat ik onvoorzichtig zal zijn / koud meisje
    (2010, cd, nl, starling records sr023)

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josse de pauw / corrie van binsbergen: over de bergen
    (2010, 2cd, nl, brokken records br004)

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  bongomatic: bongomatic
    (2011, cd, nl, ??) - feat. arend niks



corrie en de grote brokken: vier!
(2011, cd, nl, brokken records br005) - incl. 'zootsuit I & II'  (corrie van binsbergen)   =  frank zappa-tribute

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3 new niks: on
    (2012, cd, nl, no can do music)

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  • 2010/01/04 - 2010/01/08 concert 'Rotterdamse Schouwburg', Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    • a musical performance, based on the live of Roland Kirk
      • John Buijsman: concept
      • Jules Deelder: text
      • Keimpe de Jong: reed, composition
      • Andreas Suntrop: strings, compostions
      • Arend Niks: percusion, composition



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