the dave pike set

the dave pike set recorded frank zappa's 'mother people'


  the dave pike set: noisy silence - gentle noise
    (1969, lp, ger, mps 15215 st) – incl. ‘mother people’ (frank zappa)
  various artists: ljubljana 1969-international jazz festival
    (1969, lp, yugosalvia, helidon lp 08-002) – incl. dave pike set: ‘mother people’ (frank zappa)
  various artists: ossiach live
    (1971, 3lp, ger, basf 49 21119-3) – incl. dave pike set: ‘mother people’ (frank zappa)

  dave pike set: at studio 2
    (2016, 2cd, ger, records 6227/6228) – incl. ‘mother people’ (frank zappa)

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