the dave pike set

noisy silence - gentle noise
    – incl. ‘mother people’ (frank zappa)

1969 lp ger mps 15215 st
2000 cd japan mps uccm-9029

recorded 1969/01/21 at the mps studio

dave pike: vibes, tambourin
volker kriegel: guitar, sitar
hans rettenbacher: bass
peter baumeister: drums

  1. i'm on my way (rettenbacher)
  2. regards from freddie horowitz (pike)
  3. somewhat, somewhere, somehow (kriegel)
  4. noisy silence, gentle noise (kriegel)
  5. mother people (frank zappa, arr.kriegel)
  6. mathar (kriegel)
  7. vian-de (kriegel)
  8. teaming up (kriegel)
  9. walkin' down the highway in a red raw egg (rettenbacher)