American jam-band Phish has performed Frank Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia' on various occasions. A recording of this track circulates and can even be found on a couple of Phish bootlegs. 'Big Leg Emma' was performed live a couple of times as well.

Trey Anastasio: guitar
Jeff Holdsworth: guitar
Mike Gordon: bass
Jon Fishman: drums

"In the summer of 1994, via a radio interview, Phish announced that they would take votes from phans about what album to play for the second set of Halloween of that year. The Beatles' White Album won by a long shot, though with only circa 50 votes (and there were reportedly very few votes overall).
The voting was repeated but fudged for 1995: Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage got the most votes, but with insanely complex overdubs, potentially offensive lyrics, and several tunes (esp. Watermelon in Easter Hay) that Zappa had requested never be performed live again, the band (after learning a considerable amount of it) decided they just couldn't make it sound like it should and chose to instead play Quadrophenia (which reportedly came in second in the voting)."

Around 2004, Phish released their 1994/12/01 concert in their "Live Phish Downloads" series. This concert features Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia'. As the title suggests, these albums can only be bought and downloaded on the internet.

November 2007, "Vegas 96" got released. This 3 CD-set was available as download and on regular CD. The album included Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia'.

July 2011, two more Phish shows that featured Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia' were offered for sale through the "Live Phish Download" series. The albums were made available as mp3, FLAC and as CDR.
June 2012, the 2012/06/22 Cincinnati show was offered for sale through the "Live Phish Download" series. This show also included Frank Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia'. 

May 2016, another Live Phish album included FZ's 'Peaches En Regalia' : "Sep 14, 1999, Boise State University Pavillion".



phish: lawn boy
    (1990, 1cd, usa, ??)

2 phish: a picture of nectar
    (1992, cd, usa, ??)
3 phish: junta
    (1992, 2cd, usa, ??)
4 phish: rift
    (1993, cd, usa, ??)
5 phish: (hoist)
    (1994, cd, usa, ??)
6 phish: a live one
    (1995, 2cd, usa, ??)
7 phish: billy breathes
    (1997, cd, usa, ??)
8 phish: slip stitch and pass
    (1997, cd, usa, ??)
9 phish: phish
    (1998, cd, usa, ??)
10 phish: the story of the ghost
    (1998, cd, usa, ??)
11 phish: the siket disc
    (1999, cd, usa, ??)
12 phish: hampton comes alive
    (1999, 6cd, usa, ??)
13 phish: farmhouse
    (2000, cd, usa, ??)
14 phish: round room
    (2002, cd, usa, ??)
15 phish: undermind
    (2004, cd, usa, ??)
16 phish: joy
    (2009, cd, usa, ??)
17 phish: fuego
    (2014, cd, usa, ??)
18 phish: big boat
    (2016, cd, usa, ??)
  a selection of bootlegs and Live Phish albums  
  phish: phun with phonics
    (????, cd?-bootleg, ??, jam soundz js 005/006) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)
  phish: simple
    (1995, cd-bootleg, i, kiss the stone kts 428) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

  phish: take cover
    (19??, cd-bootleg, i, teddy bear records tb-75) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

  phish: new year's eve live
    (19??, 2cd, ??, alley kat)
– incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

phish_newyearsevelive.jpg (34017 bytes)

  phish: phresh phish
    (1995, 3cd-bootleg, l, flashback 04.95.0260/3) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

  phish: 12/01/94 salem armory - salem, or
    (2004, download, usa, live phish downloads) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

livephish120194.jpg (23352 bytes)

  phish: vegas 96
    (2007, 3cd, usa, jemp records) - incl. 'peaches en regalia' (frank zappa)

  phish: live bait vol.4
    (2011, download, -, phish downloads) - free download
  phish: 06/18/2011 time warner cable music pavilion raleigh nc
    (2011, 3cdr, usa, live phish downloads) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

livephish061811.jpg (25991 bytes)

  phish: 07/01/2011 super ball IX watkins glen ny
    (2011, 3cdr, usa, live phish downloads) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

livephish07012011.jpg (29807 bytes)

  phish: 6/22/2012 riverbend music center, cincinnati, oh
    (2012, 3cdr, usa-, phish downloads) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

phish_20120622_3cd.jpg (24704 bytes)

  phish: chicago '94
    (2012, 6cd-box, usa, jemp1074) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

phish_chicago94_box.jpg (45780 bytes)

  phish: 09/14/1999 boise state university pavillion
    (2016, download, -, phish downloads) - incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

phish_livephish_19990914.jpg (49436 bytes)

  phish: 12/29/2016 madison square garden
    (2016, 3cd, usa, phish downloads) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

phish_20161229_c.jpg (30820 bytes)

  phish: 07/18/2017 nutter center, dayton, ohio
    (2017, 3cdr, usa, phish downloads) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

phish_20170718_cd.jpg (49845 bytes)

  phish: 07/22/2017 madison square garden, new york, ny
    (2017, cd, usa, phish downloads) – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

phish_20170722_cd.jpg (36240 bytes)



concerts (in which Phish performed Zappa material)

According to the Phish.Net Helping Phriendly Book, here are all the dates that 'Peaches En Regalia' was played:

And for 'Big Leg Emma':


random notes

     From: john habib

Phish has performed Peaches about 60 times in their 15 year/1000 documented live show history. I also know that they did Big Leg Emma twice in 1987. Exact show info can be obtained from the Helping Phriendly Book (fan-compiled set lists and reviews) portion of
Members of Phish have talked about Zappa repeateadly in various interviews.In a nutshell, he's one of Trey's favorite guitarists and drummer Jon Fishman is also a Zappa-phile. There is a page about the relationship b/w Phish and Frank's music in Phish's own The Phish Book (published a few years ago).


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