07.22.17 madison square garden, nyc, ny
– incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

2017 3cdr usa live phish downloads

july 22, 2017, 2nd night at 'madison square garden', nyc, ny, usa

trey anastasio: guitar, vocals, percussion
jon fishman: drums, vocals
mike gordon: bass, vocals
page mcconnell: keyboards, vocals

disc one

  1. strawberry fields forever

  2. halley's comet

  3. the moma dance

  4. breath and burning

  5. funky bithc

  6. mound

  7. foam

  8. roggae

disc two

  1. the squirming coil

  2. down with disease

  3. strawberry letter 23

  4. birds of a feather

  5. i always wanted it this way

  6. all of these dreams

  7. split open and melt

  8. down with disease

disc three

  1. shine a light

  2. peaches en regalia  (frank zappa)

  3. cities

  4. my sweet one