antoine arnera: keyboards, vocals
boris cassone: bass, guitar, vocals
guilhem meier: drums, vocals  (-> LFant)


Together with Ni, Poil formed Piniol.


1 poil: l'ire des papes
    (2008, download, --, private release)
poil_liredespapes.jpg (52530 bytes)
2 poil: dins o cuol
    (2011, cd, france, dur et doux)
poil_dinsocuol.jpg (48406 bytes)
3 poil: brossaklitt
    (2014, cd, france, dur et doux)
poil_brossaklitt.jpg (60658 bytes)
  poil: l'ire des papes + dins o cuol
    (2017, 2cd, ger, freakshow records) = re-release of the first two albums
poil_l_ire_des_papes_dinse_o_cuol.jpg (46196 bytes)
  piniol: bran coucou
    (2018, cd, france, dur et doux) = poil + ni
piniol_brancoucou.jpg (53471 bytes)
  mula poil: mula poil
    (2018, 12", france, dur et doux) = split recording with mula and poil
  piniol: pogne - live @ ca fait zizir
    (2019, digital download, --, bandcamp)
4 poil: sus
    (2019, cd, france, dur et doux)





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