absolutely live
    - feat. ike willis, gary lucas, joe deninzon, all compositions by frank zappa

2000 cd usa phoenix media group 3020

recorded in concert 2000/08/05 at 'wetlands preserve', nyc

  rick bartow: bass guitar, vocals
  andré cholmondeley: guitar, vocals
  robbie 'seahag' mangano: guitar, 'impossible guitar', vocals
  mumbo: drums, percussion, synth, lead vocals
  wes paich: drums, percussion, synth, vocals
  jordan shapiro: fender rhodes, synth, vocals
special guests:
  ike willis: guitar, lead vocals
  gary lucas: guitar (9, 12)
  joe deninzon: violin (11)

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

  1. more trouble every day
  2. easy meat
  3. filthy habits
  4. the evil prince
  5. i have been in you
  6. flakes
  7. latex solar beef
  8. willie the pimp
  9. inca roads
  10. cosmik debris
  11. king kong  /  kk improv (project/object)