the dream of the dog
    - improvised music, using familiar zappa chords

2002 cd usa private release po8082

recorded on tour, february & march 2002

  andré cholmondeley: gtr, synth, voc, samples, virtual piano
  dave johnsen: bass, fx
  glenn leonard: drums, perc
  robbie 'seahag' mangano: gtr, voc, fx
  jordan shapiro: keys, voc, virtual guitar
in addition:
  ike willis: voc (4&5) & conducting (7)
  greg ridlington: sax (6)
  chris opperman: keys (10)
  bunk gardner: sax (10)
  kahil sabbagh: vibes, then drums (10)
  glenn leonard: drums, then vibest (10), drums, then keys (14)
  robbie 'seahag' mangano: guitar, then drums (14)
  jordan shapiro: keys, then gtr, teenage fanclub (14)

all instant compositions, recorded live, no overdubs

produced by andré cholmondeley

  1. towson dream (2-16-02) simmons mask
  2. indy dream (2-21-02) double - ya needs a blanket
  3. indy dog (2-21-02) patio hearn... itinerary??
  4. denver dream (2-28-02) vail attack
  5. denver dog (2-28-02) the windmills of your mind
  6. towson kong (2-16-02) broken stolen kramer
  7. chicago kong (2-22-02) bad frying pan memory
  8. eugene dream (3-10-02) electrocutive rain gig
  9. eugene dog (3-10-02) panteez de la crotchliss
  10. la kong (3-14-02) west coast ya gnome saine
  11. vail dream (2-25-02) vail attack
  12. vail dog - potty out of bounds
  13. denver kong - too young to have a back
  14. colorado dream