the respect sextet

sirius respect - the respect sextet play the music of sun ra & stockhausen
    - incl. various sun ra compositions

2009 cd usa mode avant 06

tracks 1 - 10 recorded april 1, 2007 in nyc
track 11 recorded december 18, 2006 in syracuse

eli aher: trumpet, slide trumpet, melodica, percussion
james hirschfeld: trombone, tambourine
josh rutner: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, melodica, radio, percussion, trombone
red wierenenga: piano, keyboards, redspectronics, percussion
malcom kirby: bass
matt clohesy: bass  11
ted poor: drums, percussion

music by sun ra and stockhausen

produced by the respect sextet

  1. jet flight  (sun ra)
  2. leo  (stockhausen)
  3. shadow world  (sun ra)
  4. dienstagslied  (stockhausen)
  5. angels and demons at play  (sun ra)
  6. lights on a satellite  (sun ra)
  7. pisces  (stockhausen)
  8. el is the sound of joy  (sun ra)
  9. set sail for the sun  (stockhausen)
  10. velvet  (ra)
  11. capricorn  (stockhausen)  /  satrun  (sun ra)