vandermark / drake / mcbride

spaceways incorporated - thirteen cosmic standards by sun ra & funkadelic
    - incl. various sun ra compositions

2000 cd usa atavistic alp120cd

recorded january 13 & 14, 2000 in chicago

hamid drake: drums
nate mcbride: acoustic & electric basses
ken vandermark: reeds

produced by vandermark, burke & corbett

compositions by sun ra & funkadelic

  1. tapestry from an asteroid  (sun ra)
  2. alice in my fantasies / cosmic slop  (funkadelic)
  3. street named hell  (sun ra)
  4. trash a go go  (funkadelic)
  5. bassism  (sun ra)
  6. red hot mama / super stupid  (funkadelic)
  7. el is a sound of joy  (sun ra)
  8. future  (sun ra)
  9. you and your folks, me and my folks / hit it and quit it  (funkadelic)
  10. we travel the spaceways  (sun ra)