sun ra - john gilmore - luqman ali - michael ray - june tyson

the complete disco 3000 concert

2007 2cd uk art yard 001

sun ra disco 3000 complete concert - 1978/01/23 milan, italy

sun ra: piano, organ, moog synth, rhythm machine, vocals
john gilmore: tenor sax, drums, vocals
luqman ali: drums, vocals
michael ray: trumpet, vocals
june tyson: vocals


disc one

  1. disco 3000

  2. sun of the cosmos

  3. echos of the world

  4. geminiology

  5. sky blues

  6. friendly galaxy

disc two

  1. third planet incl, friendly galaxy

  2. dance of the cosmo aliens

  3. spontaneous simplicity

  4. images incl, over the rainbow

  5. the sky is a sea of darkness when there is no sun

  6. we travel the spaceways