sun ra and his astro infinite arkestra

sub underground series - cosmo earth fantasy

2012 cd uk art yard cd 013

[1] studio / rehearsal 1967/1968
[2] studio / rehearsal 1968
[3] rehearsal recordings choreographer's workshop nyc 1962
[4] live recording possibly may 23rd 1975 unknown venue

sun ra: hohner clavinet, rocksichord, piano, piano strings, vocal declamation
al evans: flugelhorn
marshall allen: oboe, flute, strings
danny davis: alto sax, flute, strings
john gilmore: tenor sax, strings
pat patrick: strings
ronnie boykins: bass
calvin newborn: electric guitar
thomas hunter: drums
danny ray thompson: bongos
atakatune: congas
nimrod hunt: percussion, vocals
thomas hunter: drums
june tyson: vocals
cheryl banks: vocals
judith holton: vocals
akh tal ebah: vocals
eddie thomas: vocals

produced by peter dennet

  1. cosmo-earth fantasy  (sun ra)  [1]
  2. love is for always  (sun ra)  [1]
  3. the song of drums  (sun ra)  [1]
  4. the world of africa  (sun ra)  [2]
  5. what's new  (burke, haggart)  [2]
  6. wanderlust  (calvin newborn)  [2]
  7. jukin'  (al evans)  [2]
  8. autumn in new york  (duke)  [3]
  9. space is the place / we roam the cosmos  (sun ra)  [4]