sun ra & his ethnic structural cosmo arkestra

live at red creek, rochester, ny

2010 lp italy sagittarius a-star sas 3

limited edition of 200 copies
the first 26 numbered copies have different artwork and a different color insert, plus stamps on back cover

recorded in concert 1986/08/11 in rochester, ny

sun ra: piano, synth, voice
tyrone hill: trombone
marshall allen: alto sax, flute, perc
john gilmore: tenor sax, clarinet
ronald wilson: tenor sax
eloe omoe: alto sax, bass clarinet
james jacson: infinity drum
pat patrick: alto sax, electric bass
billy bang: violin, perc
bruce edwards: electric guitar
buster smith: drums
tommy "bugs" hunter: drums
marvin "boogaloo" smith: drums, perc
june tyson: voice

artwork by muruga

 side one

  1. a lost horizon  (sun ra)
  2. discipline 27-II
    you've lost your way
    saturn rings
    journey to saturn  (sun ra)

side two

  1. ??
  2. ??