(1990, 3x10", uk, wire / blast first)
(1990, cd, uk, wire / blast first)

(1996, cd, uk, blast first bffp60cd)

sun ra arkestra and his year 2000 myth science arkestra

live in london 1990

1990 3x10" uk wire / blast first bffp60cd

    (1990, cd, uk, wire / blast first bffp 60 cd)
    (1990, cd, uk, blast first bffp 60 cd)

recorded live at the mean fiddler, london, on monday 11 june 1990

ahmed abdullah: trumpet
fred adams: trumpet
jothan callins: trumpet
michael ray: trumpet
chris capers: flugelhorn
tyrone hill: trombone
marshall allen: alto sax
noel scott: alto sax
john gilmore: tenor sax
james jackson: bassoon, percussion
sun ra: piano, synthesizer, vocal
june tyson: violin, vocal
john ore: bass
clifford barbaro: drums
earl 'buster' smith: drums
jorge da silva: percussion
ronald mcbee: percussion
elson nascimento: percussion

side one

  1. frisco fog
  2. shadow world

side two

  1. for the blue people
  2. prelude to a kiss

side three

  1. down here on the ground

side four

  1. blue delight

side five

  1. cosmos song

side six

  1. space chants - a medley