sun ra & his omniverse arkestra

destination unknown

1992 cd austria enja cd 7071-2

recorded live at the 'moonwalker' club in aarburg, austria on 1992/03/29

sun ra: piano, synthesizer
marshall allen: alto sax, vocals
michael ray: trumpet, vocals
stanley morgan: conga
tyrone hill: trombone
ahmed abdullah: trumpet, vocals
bruce edwards: guitar
earl 'buster' smith: drums
jothan callins: bass
james 'ham' jackson: african drums, bassoon
james jacson: bassoon, drums, drums (african)

produced by horst weber

all compositions by sun ra, except where noted

  1. carefree  

  2. untitled (echoes of the future)

  3. prelude to a kiss   (d.ellington)

  4. hocus pocus (w.hudson)

  5. theme of the stargazers

  6. interstellar low ways

  7. calling planet earth

  8. satellites are spinning

  9. 's wonderful (g.gershwin)

  10. we travel the spaceways