sun ra

toward the stars

2007 cd uk cherryred / five four 19

subtitled "pioneering in 1955 - 56", this album presents material that got recorded in 1955 and 1956.

sun ra: hammond organ, piano, electric piano, wurlitzer
victor sproles: bass
wilbur ware: bass
wilburn green: electric bass
roland williams: vocals
clyde williams: vocals
robert barry: drums
richard evans: bass
pat patrick: alto and baritone sax
julian priester: trombone
jim herndon: timbales, tympani
dave young: trumpet
arthur hoyle: trumpet

  1. spaceship lullaby
  2. can this be love?
  3. call for all demons
  4. future
  5. sun song
  6. lullaby for realville
  7. urnack
  8. demon's lullaby
  9. piano interlude
  10. india
  11. advice to medics
  12. kingdom of not
  13. el is a sound of joy
  14. dreams come true