sun ra


1998 cd ger freedom cd741047

cd re-issue of the 1974 saturn vinyl album "outer spaceways incorporated" album
(disc 2 of a 3cd box entitled "calling planet earth")

different live concerts in the new york area, 1966- 1967, except the satellites are spinning, 1968.

sun ra: piano, clavioline
ali hassan: trombone
teddy nance: trombone
marshall allen: alto saxophone, oboe, flute, piccolo
danny davis: alto saxophone, flute
john gilmore: tenor saxophone
pat patrick: bass saxophone, flute
robert cummings: bass clarinet
ronnie boykins: bass
clifford jarvis: drums
lex humphries (or robert barry): drums
james jacson: log drums, flute
nimrod hunt: hand drums
june tyson: vocals

all compositions by sun ra

  1. prelude and shadow-light world  (incl.'sun ra and his band from outer space' and 'shadow world')

  2. the wind speaks

  3. we sing this song

  4. outer space incorporated

  5. we travel the spaceways