sun ra arkestra

heliocentric worlds 1 & 2 revisited

2020 cd switzerland ezz-thetic

re-issue of the two 1965 albums

pat patrick: baritone, percussion
john gilmore: tenor, tympani
marshall allen: piccolo, alto, bells, spiral cymbal
ronnie boykins: bass
teddy nance: trombone
jimhmi johnson: percussion
robert cummings: bass clarinet, wood blocks
chris capers: trumpet
bernard pettaway: bass trombone
danny davis: flute, alto
sun ra: bass marimba, electronic celeste, piano, tympani

  1. heliocentric
  2. outer nothingness
  3. other worlds
  4. the cosmos
  5. of heavenly things
  6. nebulae
  7. dancing in the sun

sun ra: piano, tuned bongos
marshall allen: alto sax, piccolo, flute
pat patrick: baritone saxophone
walter miller: trumpet
john gilmore: tenor saxophone
robert cummings: bass clarinet
ronnie boykins: bass
roger blank: percussion

  1. the sun myth
  2. a house ob beauty
  3. cosmic chaos